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Greddy Individual Throttle Bodies - BRZ/FR-S ITBs

Finally! ITBs for the BRZ/FR-S/GT86.
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GReddy Performance Products Individual Throttle Body conversion kit for the FRS/86/BRZ FA20 engine is designed to improve throttle response and mid-range torque. The system utilizes the stock FA20 electronic single throttle body, through special linkages, to operate the ITBs. The bolt-on kit includes necessary hardware, brackets, vacuum canister, high quality, cast intake manifold adapters, large diameter runners and an intake manifold plenum to the stock throttle position. This makes the GPP ITB conversion compatible with the stock air intake, or any aftermarket air intake or turbo kit, which connects in the factory throttle position. The kit also includes balancing tools - Throttle Body Synchronizer and electronic A/F dongle for equalizing each cylinder.

Please note that this is a high demand special order item, shipping times vary, but usually within a couple of weeks.

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