MP62/FM/GWR NC MX5 Supercharger Cold Air Intake

MP62/FM/GWR NC MX5 Supercharger Cold Air Intake

NC Miata Turbo Kit (2006-2015)

Our turbo kit is back in production! From mild to wild, this unleashes the potential of your MX5.
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After years of development, we finally decided to release the kit in its current form. Starting with a quality 304 stainless tubular manifold, we kept the runners compact to maximize spool. Below the manifold sits your choice of turbos. The starting turbo is the new Gen 2 GTX! This turbo can support over 450hp and still spools nearly instantly. The entire system is now made fully in house and is fully TIG welded, and uses the highest quality components. We use genuine Garrett intercooler cores capable of supporting 500+ HP, we designed this system so that from the start you will never need to upgrade anything to reach as much HP as you may need. Simply pick the most appropriate turbo for your power level. All systems now ship with a TiAL BOV. We have also streamlined the option process to get you the best bang for the buck, despite the initially higher starting price.

This is the current MZR MX5 Record Holder at 454 WHP on pump gas and a stock 2.5! 

Note: Image shows the last car we did which was a hybrid kit. Our final kit has the same routing, but will not be utilizing the pictured white heat shield by the brake lines, nor the big heat shield.

Why our kit and not others? 

- Reliable & proven Garrett turbos, genuine Garrett intercooler cores.

- 2.0 and 2.5 compatiblity without having to do major modifications to the block casting.

- Excellent fit and finish, not requiring additional hours of labor to work correctly.

- Quality components and no shortcuts.

Please note that each kit is custom built for the customer and is subject to a 3-4 month build time, which may be less or more depending on production load. Please contact us if timing is an issue. Note that once an order is placed, it CANNOT be cancelled once production begins.

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