Online Store & Ordering:

If an item is in stock, is it really in stock?

Sometimes. Unfortunately there are many items that are far too large to house locally, and they must ship from the distributor or manufacturer directly. When this happens there is often a delay of anywhere from a day or two, to a month or more for an in-demand item. If there are substantial delays we will notify you shortly after your order. Should the delay be unacceptable you will be issues a full refund provided we have not yet ordered the item to ship to you.


How do I do flash and how do I datalog? Please reference the instructions that you were sent. We just do not have the time to walk everyone through this process or our pricing would have to go up substantially. If you think you are having a technical issue, please check the help file and instructions FIRST as many common errors can appear that way.

Where is my stock file?

For the MX5 and BRZ they are under C:/EcuTek/ProECURomFiles. For all other platforms you will need to send us a request should you need to go back to stock.

Can the dealer or manufacturer tell if the car was flashed?

We do not condone warranty fraud, and if you flash your car expect the manufacturer to examine the ECU's state at the time of service. We have had some dealers warranty claims on unrelated failures, we have had some blame the tune when the rear differential gave out--so we cannot guarantee anything in regards to how you will be treated with your service department. With that said, we have had very, very few reports of engine issues with the dealer refusing to do the work because an ECU was previously flashed. But keep in mind that if you run a turbo kit doubling the vehicle's output, it is not reasonable to expect the dealer to warranty an engine failure. We provide no warranties of any kind in regards to engine or drivetrain durability when increasing power output above factory levels. Though we have an excellent record in this regard, anything is possible.

Is ethanol safe?

Vehicles designed for pump gas should run pump gas. And slow vehicles should stay slow. Water is wet. All three of these things are true if you would like to live a long, and terribly boring life. We like to live on the edge so we have run ethanol both in 30 year old cars, and brand new off the showroom floor. And in the lawnmower. Fortunately all have held up just wonderfully in our testing, and with hundreds of vehicles running our flex fuel kit we have not had a single failure related to ethanol use. So while there are no warranties to the fuel system’s performance, we have had no cause for concern in the last several years of running it almost exclusively in our vehicles.


If you purchase a supercharger, wait 1-2 months to receive it, another 2 weeks for the appointment to install it, please do not come to us the day of the install and expect the tune "right now” because you need to get home. Tuning is not terribly difficult once the base tune is done, but it must be done carefully as to avoid a simple error which can cost you an engine. Please be respectful and understand that our pricing also entails having a certain workflow, and to step outside of that means that our costs go up. If you caught your error an realized that tunes aren’t just all premade sitting there waiting for you but are in a bind, we do have priority pricing levels in the tuning section.


We want you to be happy with your purchase, but please understand that while multi-billion dollar companies can afford to take back anything, they do not know a thing about the products we are passionate about. We will take returns on unopened items with a 20% restocking fee, provided they are returned to us within 30 days. Custom ordered parts that are not in stock locally are NOT RETURNABLE. So if we ordered something to get to you, we cannot take it back as a return in most cases. Tunes are not refundable once they are sent. Licenses are not refundable once they are allocated to a dongle. Custom made products: once we begin to build them, they are not refundable except in rare circumstances where it has been more than 3 months from order date. Turbo kits may take more than 3 months, in these cases we do not refund turbo kit purchases unless more than 6 months has elapsed from date of purchase. This does not mean it will take that long, but please ask what the ETA is on custom parts when ordering.