Necessity Breeds Innovation


Tuning has been a passion of ours dating back to the late 90's when we built and raced DSMs on the local drag strips in New Jersey. Back then we went through several versions of the car, most ending with a broken transmission as typical for a DSM owner. If you know what an AFC, SAFC, VPC, EVC-EZ, DSMLink represent then you were a member of a select club of (usually broke) car enthusiasts. These cars lit the fire for many of the aftermarket companies and shops in existence today. 

In 2009 we partnered with EcuTek in the UK, this let us spend much more time tuning and much less time analyzing code. Over the years we became very well known in the Subaru and Mazda communities as the go-to tuner for not just standard setups, but the more difficult ones that had left other tuners scratching their heads. In 2017 we took a break, and in 2018 Xero Limit was formed. Xero Limit focuses less on installations and more on tuning and parts. This allows us to spend more time devoted to customer care and utilize our tuning skills with less overhead.

The Tuning Process

The majority of our tuning is done remotely. While we do have dyno services available locally (as well as street tuning) we are able to utilize on board diagnostic data in conjunction with our dyno-developed base maps to create a calibration that is ideal for your unique setup. While no two cars are identical, the base maps we develop on the dyno are generally very close to optimal. These same maps are also validated on the street and track, and we invest heavily in R&D by purchasing, modifying, and racing many of the vehicles we tune. We also partner with race teams and shops throughout the world who put our calibrations through real world testing under grueling conditions. The sum of all this knowledge goes into the tunes that we deliver electronically. While there are many capable tuners who can develop decent tunes in a few hours on the dyno, the work that we put into these tunes is based upon hundreds if not thousands of hours of testing.

For remote tunes we offer the EcuTek ProECU Kit and ECU Connect bluetooth modules. These allow you to connect to your vehicle using a laptop to flash in our files. Once we receive the information on your vehicle, expect to receive a file within a couple of days. You will then flash in the file, and then follow the driving instructions in the email to provide us the data. We will then review it and make changes where necessary. 


This platform has been one of our most popular vehicles. In 2010 and 2011 we were eagerly reading magazines and online articles about the FT86 concept, and as soon as they became available we purchased one to use for R&D. Over the years it has seen many reiterations including the massive 1.5L Sprintex Supercharger, and developed a hugely popular flex fuel kit for the car allowing for 400+ wheel horsepower on the stock engine. Another of our shop BRZs was used for turbo testing, for which we built several forged engines for to test our engine assembly techniques. This car was eventually converted to use a RB25 out of a Nissan Skyline before moving on. In addition to the in house vehicles, we have tuned the following forced induction kits (and more):

  • Edelbrock
  • Sprintex 210/335
  • Jackson Racing, C30, C38
  • Harrop
  • Kraftwerks
  • JDL V1, V2, Twin Scroll variants
  • PTuning
  • Accelerated Performance
  • Full Blown
  • P&L
  • Crawford

Current features of our EcuTek based RaceROM tunes:

  • Custom timing/fueling maps that automatically scale with boost
  • FlexFuel
  • Alternative inputs such as wideband o2, oil or fuel pressure, water/methanol failsafe
  • Boost cut
  • Smooth rev limiter
  • Party Mode (afterfire/pops)
  • Custom traction control
  • Closed loop fueling
  • Closed loop per gear/fuel based boost control
  • Custom maps to handle any combination

Over the years we have tuned hundreds of these cars with great results. There has not been a combination that we have not been able to handle.

NC MX5 Miata

The NC is where we cut our teeth with remote tuning. Back in 2008 there was only a small handful of us, and while many have come and gone, we have remained committed to the process and the platforms that we service. When we first purchased a 2006 MX5 we wanted to slap a turbo on it as we do with most anything, but the tuning products at the time left us deep in IDA furiously working to identify the maps that are needed to tune it. Fortunately EcuTek applied their engineers to the platform which left us much more time to tune and tinker instead of reverse engineering. This allowed us to effectively tune any setup on the NC MX5. In 2012 we also worked to bring the 2.5 swap to the masses, after which it became a common mod for any NC owner with a high mileage engine. Over the years we worked with many race teams and handled tuning for the majority of the World Challenge TC class MX5 drivers. We still continue to serve many shops around the country who cater to customers running retired MX5 cup cars, and those in T4 and other SCCA classes where they are competitive. We have also traveled worldwide to do custom tuning for racers who need the very best.

For the NC we have done these setups (in addition to many other one-offs).

  • Cosworth/Flyin Miata/Goodwin Racing MP62 Magnusson based supercharger
  • Kraftwerks Supercharger
  • Bell Engineering (BEGi) turbo kit
  • Our own in house turbo kit
  • Fab9 Turbo Kit
  • Corten-Miller supercharger
  • GT Plus HKS based supercharger
  • Moss MP62
  • Our own cams, kelford, and cosworth cams.

In addition to the tuning, we have been at the forefront of hard parts development for the NC. Our parts include the Stage 1.5 cams, oil cooler/relocation, STR legal cold air intake, intake manifold, MP62 cold air intake, turbo kit, and several others. These are all made in the USA of the highest quality, and utilizing our parts and tuning we hold the records for the highest wheel HP supercharged, turbo, and naturally aspirated MZR based NC MX5. We have also spent many years tracking, drifting, autocrossing, and hooning the platform--which while not only fun--also benefits our customers substantially as we identify the weak points.


At some point everyone has to grow up and get a family car, and our choice in this case happens to be a four door car focused on safety--and horsepower! When we have done everything we could with the FA20 BRZ, we got a FA20 WRX. That car was raced heavily, and like most of our R&D projects we made several sacrifices in the name of science to see how far we can push the platform. Fortunately we have become quite efficient and building engines, and eventually got a formula that works quite well on the FA20. Nothing beats a dry sump, but proper oiling with a wet sump can work as long as the aero work is not too excessive.

In addition to the FA20 WRX, we have also done many STI's and EJ WRXs over the years as well. Frequently outfitted with flex fuel and bigger turbos, the EJ is a potent platform that we have had great luck with reliably exploiting. Making power with the EJ is easy, making the EJ last is not. We wanted to see if it could be done, so we picked up a 2016 STI to do long term testing with. 3,000 miles on the odometer it received a big turbo and a few other modifications, and has been running with close to 400 WHP for for 35,0000 miles. This makes the STI a perfect weekend racer, and powerful daily driver. We believe the trick to making the EJ (and FA20) live is to keep HP up while keeping torque reasonable. Torque is what bends rods and cracks ringlands, not HP. By optimizing the tuning to make the most power at the top, you're reducing the overall workload on the engine internals while still making the car incredibly fast.


That's Just the Beginning...

In addition to the above, we are frequently tuning standalone ECUs and many other platforms as they are added on. Since 2016 we have been working on the ND MX5, and now we have done several turbo models and many Edelbrock Supercharged cars. The tuning on these has been perfected and is in use by racers around the world. We're proud to say that our ND calibration is the best out there, making the most HP and torque while driving as close to OEM as one can get. Our 370Z/G37 product has also matured quite well, and we are doing these on a regular basis for folks both naturally aspirated and with forced induction. In 2019 we have expanded our line to also include the GTR, Juke, and VR30TT Infiniti Q50/Q60 models. 2020 saw us add the A90 Supra and BMW B58 platform into the mix. Our mission is be the best, and to do that we are always heavily investing in the platforms that we tune so we can bring you the best, and to do so with integrity. You will not find inflated dyno numbers or unrealistic gains in our marketing, what you can see us advertise is what you can expect to receive.

Travel & Live Support

We recognize that bringing a car down to our location can be difficult. You can now reserve tuning time anywhere in the world. We offer both remote tuning in real time as well as on site tuning at your facility. Please contact us for exact rates and details. Bookings require 30-90 day notice depending on location.