NC MX5 Cold Air Intake - STR Legal

NC MX5 Cold Air Intake - STR Legal

Mazda MX5 MZR/Duratec Intake Manifold (RWD Only)

MZR/Duratec RWD Intake Manifold for the MX5 (and other RWD configurations). PREORDER. SHIPS END OF JANUARY/FEBRUARY.
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IT IS BACK! The original and best performing intake manifold you can buy. These are 100% made in the US. Utilizing CNC velocity stacks and flanges, this manifold will wake up your 2.5 and 2.0 above 6000 RPM. Designed to maximize runner length, diameter, and plenum volume, which leads to an increase in top end performance. Ideal for both NA and boosted applications. MAP sensor mount designed to fit both stock and 2.5/3 bar versions of the denso sensor.

Not for use on emissions controlled vehicles. EGR is deleted, but it could be added on by third party adapters. Ships with a lightly brushed finish, custom powdercoating available for an extra fee ($150)

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