MP62/FM/GWR NC MX5 Supercharger Cold Air Intake

MP62/FM/GWR NC MX5 Supercharger Cold Air Intake

NC MX5 3

NC MX5 3" Cold Air Intake 2006-2015

Xero Limit NC MX5 Cold Air Intake - STR Legal


One of the few intakes out there to not just reduce intake temps, but shows proven horsepower! We ceramic coat each one inside and out to create a buffer area, and speed up intake temperature reduction and reduce heat conduction from the hot engine bay. This re-uses the stock intake elbow and does not drop below the bumper beam in order to assure STR class compatibility, and fits both the NC1 and NC2 versions.

We have also added new filter options. The standard filter is adequate for pretty much everyone, however, we have added the longer/larger filter length for those who want every last horsepower. This longer filter is what we are making for the SC/Turbo applications, and is more suited for race teams and those who have their bumper off frequently. HP difference is about 0.5-1 HP. We tested the shorter style on our turbo car to 15 psi!

Please note that it DOES NOT come with the pictured block off plate currently due to interference with removing it.

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Xero Limit Cold Air Intake for the 2006-2015 Mazda MX-5 Miata. 

SOLD OUT. NEXT BATCH ~3/2021. You may pre-order for the next batch.

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