Xero Limit NC MX5 Cold Air Intake - STR Legal

Xero Limit NC MX5 Cold Air Intake - STR Legal

NC MX5 3" Cold Air Intake 2006-2015

New for 2021! 3" Cold Air Intake for the NC (2006-2015) MX5 Miata. IN STOCK! Frequently used on 2.5 swaps and can be made to work with most intake manifolds (may involve slight cutting/custom TB coupler).
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This is a 3" version of our popular cold air intake! Designed for high output 2.0 and 2.5 motors, this has the least possible restriction. Utilizing a 3" MAF body and intake tube, it will outflow anything else on the market.

APPLICATION NOTE: This will not fit the factory throttle body elbow. If utilizing the STOCK intake manifold make sure to select the optional elbow or DIY. You MUST run a catch can setup or use a through silicone adapter (or tap the intake) if you intend to run the stock PCV system. OFF ROAD USE ONLY AND NOT TO BE USED ON ANYTHING WITH A LICENSE PLATE.

The intake also features our US made high flow 3" filter, this is custom made for our applications and will outflow anything else in similar packaging due to its high flow media and tight pleating. All intakes come with a silver ceramic coating for heat isolation.

From our customer RK: 7T4Z-9E499-B Ford fittings work great to create a custom PCV routing (picture in product page) that can then be used with a through-silicone adapter (not included).

ATTENTION: Our intakes have been selling very quickly and we cannot guarantee stock! Please contact us for next delivery status if you need it quickly, but we suggest placing the order and getting in line sooner rather than later so we can allocate additional units.

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