Xero Limit MZR/Duratec Oil Filter Relocation Plate

Xero Limit MZR/Duratec Oil Filter Relocation Plate

Kelford MZR Billet Cams (Stage 1)

Kelford MZR Billet Cams (Stage 1)

Xero Limit NC MX5 Oil Cooler/Remote Filter Kit

Xero Limit MX-5 Oil Cooler / Remote Filter Mount. Allow 7-14 days to build. CNC block adapter, setrab/mocal components!
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What MX5 owners have been asking for years, we have now completed! This oil cooler is unique in that it serves several functions, and is engineered entirely in-house specifically for the MX5.

- Relocates the oil filter to the engine bay for easier oil changes.

- Removes the factory oil filter adapter that can be prone to breakage when laden down with sandwich adapters and extreme use.

- Allows for a high capacity FRAM motorsports HP4/PH5 filter (or other suitable replacements).

- Maintains OEM angle on the cooler, which provides for higher airflow through the radiator and intercooler (if equipped).

- Fully compatible with our turbo kit.

- Uses quality Setrab or Mocal components, quality fittings, and FULL stainless lines for safety.

- Heat exchanger is mounted high up yet still in the full airflow path. This maximizes cooling while reducing the chance of engine damage in case of going off track.

This increases the oil capacity, and also the thermal capacity of the system. Historically any MX5 with forced induction has had heat issues that could not be overcome without substantial work and reduction in power. With the oil cooler on the vehicle, temperatures are easily kept in a safe level without overtaxing the cooling system. These are in production, expect shipment in about a week or two from order date.


Please note that these are not thermostatic, if you run it in the winter we recommend keeping a slightly shorter oil change interval to about 3,000 miles, or blocking the heat exchanger.

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